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Trend Micro Mobile Backup and Restore

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Backup. Restore. Smile.

Trend Micro™ Mobile Backup and Restore automatically stores the irreplaceable information from your Android device in a secure, virus-free environment. Your contacts, photos, music, videos, call history, calendar and SMS logs are all kept safe in our cloud-based storage.
If you ever lose your phone or even upgrade it, you can restore your data in a snap.

To get started, we give you a free account with 50MB of space. That’s enough to back-up your contacts and potentially up to 100 photos*. Of course, it’s completely up to you to choose what you want to store and you can add more space for a small monthly fee.

  • Automatic backup of all your data, it just works in the background
    - Photos, music, videos, contacts, calendar, and call and text history
  • Easy restore of your data at anytime, anywhere
    - Just a few clicks

*based on average photo file size of 500KB

$19.99 annually for 5 GB storage

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Download from Google Play 50MB Free storage

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Trend Micro Mobile Backup and Restore offers an easy-to-use, secure backup in the cloud for both Android smartphones and tablets.

Backup and Restore allows you to backup as many devices as you want or transfer your data to a new device. No worries about monitoring your data plan usage, Mobile Backup and Restore is 3G/Wi-Fi/Roaming-Aware. It only backs up data under the conditions you set it to.

It’s simple interface ensures you can get your data back if and when you need it. Whether you lost data due to device damage or just decide it’s time for an upgrade, you can use Backup and Restore to make sure you are up and running quickly.

Features include:

  • Automatic backups - Customize to your activity level. Schedule weekly or daily automatic backups
  • Manual backups - Need an extra sense of security? Kick off a backup whenever you want with a click of button
  • Battery aware - Don’t waste battery life; limit automatic backups to run only when attached to external power
  • Wi-Fi aware - Don’t stress over valuable data plan limits. Set Backup and Restore to run  automatic backups only when on Wi-Fi
  • Roaming aware -  Traveling outside your home network with no worries, provides limited automatic backups from running while roaming

How to backup your Android device

How to restore your Android device

How to change automatic backup settings

  • Thumbnail Click Settings button as seen in the picture

    Click Settings button as seen in the picture
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Operating System: Android 2.2 or higher
Storage Space: 2MB
Memory: 4MB
Data connection: Wi-Fi or cellular data connection

Datasheet (PDF)  

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