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Kids' Safety and Responsibility

Meet Lynette Owens – a pro-technology parent, online-safety advocate, and blogger.


Lynette’s blog Internet Safety for Kids and Families focuses on raising awareness and educating people about the safe and responsible use of the Internet

Lynette was instrumental in launching the What’s Your Story? - international video contest to promote digital citizenship and online media literacy

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What's Your Story? User-generated videos about what's safe and smart.

If you’re a kid, you probably spend a lot of time socializing online - but unfortunately that comes with certain risks. By becoming aware of these risks, you’ll be better able to make safe, responsible decisions.

See the creative, and often funny, ways these videos present some important information.

My Headset 2015 Individual Winner

My Headset: Being a positive influence on others is just the right thing to do

Internet Heroes 2015 school winner

Internet Heroes: Fifth graders create a winning music video.

What it means to be a good digital citizen

Through our Internet Safety for Kids and Families initiative, Trend Micro aims to help develop a population of responsible online citizens. Through direct advocacy, access to educational resources, and innovative programs like the “What’s Your Story?” video contest we address what it means to be a good citizen in the digital age.

How to act and treat others:
  • Viewing age-appropriate content
  • Not sharing TMI
  • Avoiding cyberbullying and harassment
  • Dealing with strangers
  • Respecting copyrights
How criminals might steal from you:
  • Poisoned searches
  • Fake video players
  • Contests and free offers
  • Compromised social networking profiles
Laws that could affect you:
  • Privacy laws and rights
  • Appropriate use of phones
  • Copyright laws
  • Cyberbullying and harassment

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