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Data Loss Prevention

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Ensure data privacy and compliance

Trend Micro™ Data Loss Prevention identifies, monitors, and protects your private data and intellectual property—whether it’s stored, in use, or in transit across your network, endpoints, and even mobile devices.

Protects data, mitigates risk, and improves visibility

  • Protects private data—on or off network
  • Covers the broadest range of devices, applications, and
    file types
  • Identifies sensitive data throughout your network
  • Detects data-stealing malware and mitigates risky behavior
  • Aids compliance with greater visibility and enforcement

Track and Protect Your Data—Wherever It Goes

Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention solutions reduce cost and complexity with fast deployment and real-time monitoring—in your choice of standalone solutions and plugin modules. Our DLP solutions protect your data with the broadest coverage across file types, applications, and devices—from IM and Skype to CDs, USB drives, and ActiveSync. You’ll also gain greater visibility into data usage patterns and risky processes, making it easier to keep your data secure. Our DLP plug-in modules plug into your existing Trend Micro security, reducing the cost to deploy and manage DLP.

Our full standalone DLP solution integrates Trend Micro™ DLP Endpoint, DLP Network Monitor, and DLP Management Server—to give you the most effective and comprehensive data protection. For quick and easy DLP, you can also add our DLP Modules from endpoint to gateway. Our full solution delivers:

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Broader Protection

  • Identifies, monitors and prevents data loss—on or off network
  • Offers new filters for Skype, P2P, Windows File Share, and more
  • Secures file transfers to USB drives and CD/DVDs
  • Defends webmail, HTTP/S, FTP, IM and other network channels
  • Detects spyware, Trojans, and other data-stealing malware

Data Discovery and Scanning

  • Locates and scans sensitive data on laptops, PCs, and servers
  • Delivers real-time data protection to prevent loss and damage
  • Continuously monitors data at rest, in use, and in motion
  • Blocks unauthorized data transfers

Advanced Intellectual Property Protection

  • Protects unstructured data using DataDNA™ fingerprinting
  • Reduces fingerprint size by over 90% to increase scalability
  • Improves detection speed with endpoint fingerprint crawler

Interactive Employee Education and Remediation

  • Alerts employees to sensitive content and risky behavior
  • Educates employees on proper handling of confidential data
  • Minimizes the impact on business processes

Lowers Cost and Complexity

  • Streamlines IT with end user device control and access control
  • Provides faster time to protection with compliance templates
  • Saves time with workflow navigation and user/group policies

Fits Your Specific DLP Needs

  • Add solutions or modules that fit your existing security
  • Offers pricing options and flexibility with multiple form factors

DLP Standalone Solutions

Our full standalone DLP solution includes Trend Micro™ DLP Endpoint, Network Monitor, and Management Server. You may deploy all three together or choose the combination you need to secure your private data and intellectual property.

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Trend Micro™ DLP Endpoint

Performs data discovery, real-time monitoring, and blocking on the wide range of endpoints, even removable media

  • Protects unstructured data and intellectual property
  • Covers clients and file transfers to CD/DVD/USB drives
  • Educates users on corporate data usage policies

Trend Micro™ DLP Network Monitor

Inspects your network 24x7 with real-time monitoring

  • Tracks and documents sensitive data on your network
  • Identifies risky processes and supports compliance

Trend Micro™ DLP Management Server

Provides a central point of visibility and control

  • Available as a hardware appliance or software virtual appliance
  • Offers greater flexibility—for security that fits
  • Lowers costs with support for data center consolidation

Data Privacy and Encryption Plug-ins

Offer an easier approach to DLP by allowing you to add data protection to already deployed security applications.

Trend Micro DLP Plug-ins

Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention Services

  • Simplify DLP with a comprehensive set of services
  • Provide expert assistance—from pre-deployment to maintenance
  • Reduce risk, accelerate time to protection, and optimize ROI

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Pre-Deployment Services

Our security experts can perform a full Data Loss Assessment and develop a DLP Proof of Concept.

Data Loss Assessment

  • Provides a full analysis of external data loss
  • Includes an executive-level report highlighting risks within your company
  • Data Loss Assessment Service

DLP Proof-of-Concept

  • Leverages Trend Micro DLP solutions to create a POC with live production data

Deployment Services

Simplify and speed deployment by letting Trend Micro experts design, size, configure, install, and optimize your DLP solutions.

Design & Deployment

  • Preps IT environment
  • Ensures the solution is optimally designed, sized and configured
  • Deploys and installs your DLP solutions and/or DLP modules
  • Includes a full knowledge transfer and sizing guide

Solution Optimization

  • Finds structured and unstructured data that needs to be protected
  • Provides data discovery and classification
  • Creates fingerprints of unstructured proprietary data
  • Modifies policies to fit your needs
  • Includes a full knowledge transfer and DLP best practice guide

Post-Deployment Services

We’ll keep your DLP solutions up-to-date and test your DLP policies between releases to ensure optimal data protection.

Product Upgrade Services

  • Provides upgrade services for all new releases
  • Migrates and tests policy between releases
  • Ensures full transfer of information (TOI) to all stakeholders

DLP Quarterly Business Review

  • Offers quarterly technical and business reviews
  • Checks for optimal DLP usage, effectiveness, and progress of phased adoption

Minimum System Requirements

Supported Microsoft Platforms for Trend Micro DLP Endpoint:

  • Windows 2008, 2003, XP, Vista, 7

Trend Micro DLP Endpoint

  • CPU: 300 MHz Intel™ Pentium™ or equivalent
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Storage: 300MB

Trend Micro DLP Network Monitor Software Appliance*

  • CPU: 2 x Intel® Quad Core X5550 Xeon® CPU, 2.66Ghz, 8M Cache, 6.40 GT/s QPI, Turbo
  • Memory: 8GB Memory (4x2GB), 1066MHz, Dual Ranked RDIMMs for 1 Processor
  • Hard Disk: 300GB 15K RPM SAS 3.5" Hot Plug Hard Drive
  • NIC: Intel PRO 1000PT 1GbE Dual Port NIC, PCIe-4
    *certified to run on Dell R710

Trend Micro DLP Management Server Hardware Appliance

  • Purpose-built 1U rack-mountable appliance
  • Security hardened
  • CPU: Quad Core Xeon E5506 2.13GHz, PE R610
  • Memory: 6GB 1333MHz (6X1GB)
  • Storage: 250GB 7.2K RPM Serial ATA 3Gbps 2.5-in HotPlug Hard Drive
  • NIC: Quad Embedded Broadcom NetXtreme II 5709 Gigabit Ethernet NIC

Trend Micro DLP Management Server (Software or Virtual Appliance)

  • CPU: Intel XEON or AMD Opteron dual-core or equivalent
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Storage: 30GB
  • VMware ESX(i) 3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0

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