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Virtual Desktop Security (VDI)

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Go agentless with VMware and Trend Micro

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Maximize VM density with security built for virtualized desktops

You’re looking to extend virtualization benefits to the desktop. But using endpoint security products designed for physical endpoints to protect virtual desktops can cause serious resource bottlenecks and generate “security storms” that impact performance. This type of contention and consumption of server resources can lead to sub-optimal consolidation ratios and undercut the ROI of your VDI initiatives. But securing your VDI environments doesn’t have to mean sacrificing performance and resources. Find out if your virtualization efforts are hurting your security.

Trend Micro offers comprehensive, VDI-centric security for virtual desktops. We will help you improve protection and performance. And in the process, you’ll maximize consolidation ratios with security solutions designed specifically to handle the rigors of desktop virtualization. It’s results like these that have helped make Trend Micro the #1 leading provider of virtualization security.1

Whether you are extending your virtualization successes from servers to desktops or looking for a unified approach for all your physical and virtual desktops, Trend Micro has a solution that will help you maximize protection and performance.

Starting in the data center with agentless security

Maximize data center performance and consolidation ratios with Deep Security. True agentless security for VDI—anti-malware, intrusion prevention, web application protection, firewall, and more—ensures no extra footprint from a security agent to impact your virtual desktops and underlying host.

Starting at the endpoint with VDI-optimized agents

Extend consistent protection from your physical desktops to virtual desktops with Trend Micro OfficeScan. You’ll get security consolidated into a single, optimized in-guest agent for the highest security and portability at the virtual desktop.

  • Serialized VDI security to prevent resource contention
  • Protection that cleans, scans memory, and monitors behavior
  • Base-image awareness to scan faster, save resources, and improve performance

1 TechNavio, The Global Virtualization Security Management Solutions Market 2011-2015

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