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The best way to prepare for the cloud?

Get stronger virtualization security

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Maximize Flexibility and Cost Savings

Cloud computing has the power to transform your company with the flexible delivery of computer resources across your business. But issues such as security, performance, and availability can reduce the potential benefits of the cloud. Trend Micro will help you automate security policy enforcement and reduce security overhead. So you can maximize the rewards of the cloud without compromising your data privacy and security.


Trend Micro Deep Security helps you secure the underlying virtual machines. And Trend Micro SecureCloud encryption secures data in the shared resource environment of the cloud.

Robust Security for a Robust Cloud

Video Thumb Trend Dell-pvc-cloud
Dell and Trend Micro speak on why world-class security is so important to cloud success. (3:04)

Leverage Cloud Benefits

IDC tells you how you can do more with specialized security for cloud computing.


Trend Micro Deep Security creates self-defending virtual machines in the public cloud. And Trend Micro SecureCloud helps you address public cloud risks with data protection and encryption.

Maximize Your Virtualization Security Investments

Video Thumb Forrestervideo-pvc-cloud
Forrester Research tells how being “virtually aware” can increase your ROI and visibility (5:36).

Face the Challenges

CSO magazine interviewed your peers to see how they are handling virtualization and cloud security.


Trend Micro Deep Security and SecureCloud protect your data as it spans both private and public infrastructures.

Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Video Thumb Tmvm Webcast-pvc-cloud
Learn seven tips for success with VMware and Trend Micro in an in-depth webcast (29:28)

Who Owns Security in the Ambient Cloud

Discover the challenges of security ownership in the new ambient cloud.

Safely Leverage Cloudbursting

Gain extra flexibility without compromising security.

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